One Minute Rule

I can't remember where I read it, but this is one of the rules that saves me on a regular basis. If I come across something that can be done in a minute or less, I do it right then and there. How many times a day do we think to ourselves, "I'll RSVP to the event this afternoon." "I'll remind that client about the conference call in a few minutes."  "I'll confirm with my boss later." When? When I have more time? More time than 60 seconds?

The more those quick little tasks add up on my brain, the more overwhelmed I feel. And so: the rule. If it can get done in less than 60 seconds, do it now! This applies to household stuff too. Dumb stuff like making the bed. It always just seemed like such a time waster. But you know what? I timed it. It takes about a minute and 10 seconds to throw it together. And what a mental relaxer it is when I walk into my bedroom at the end of the day to an eye-pleasing, plush looking bed.

Quick response needed to an email? Send it now. The event planner needs to know black or white linens? Make the call, leave the message. You're thirsty? Stand up and get a glass of water or a cup of tea, for heaven's sake! It's the little time savers that can make all the difference.

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