Office Decor

Working from home, it's easy to let things stack up. All the best intentions in the world can't seem to help me permanently de-clutter my desk top. However, I do know that the cleaner and more pleasing my work environment is, the less distracted I am. And therefore, more productive.

I've tried file drawers. I tried a desk top file. It all ends up stacked on whatever clear surface is available. I will say that the situation is considerable better than it has been, and that was a results of a major office and paper purge before we moved in January. However, here is how my desk top typically looks:
So, while I continue to ponder a stacking solution, I will fall back on something that has inspired me in the past. Flowers. And to make it all even better, these are the first flowers I have gathered from my own garden in my own new home!

When we moved in January, all the rose bushes were cut back within an inch of their lives, so it was impossible to tell what we had. Now, they have bloomed in an amazing spectrum of white, pinks, lavenders and reds! Beads and I spent part of Mother's Day cutting our favorites and placing them in her Disney Princess bucket, which thrilled her to no end. We took them inside where I trimmed them and she placed them in the vase. As a final touch, we cut some actual lavender from the front entrance and mixed them in. A beautiful and fragrant bouquet!

It now sits on my desk as an inspiration to get the rest of my act together. A little beauty and a clear workspace, and there's no end to what I can accomplish today!

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