Big Desk. Little Desk.

Big desk. Little desk.

When I say I work at home, a common response is, "That's so great you can work from home and be able to stay home with your kids!" To which I have to respond, "Well, actually, the kids go to daycare."

Blank stare. Then, raised eyebrow. Then, internal judgement.

(Yes, I can see it. Poker face, you have not.)

It's a common misconception that if one works from home, one can therefore be taking care of one's kids at the same time. Why is that? If you brought your 4-year-old to your office or cube at work, would that work for you? I'm guessing not. It's no different for me. I'm on the phone for my job many hours of every day. Crying babies, talkative tots, even squeals of joy in the background are not conducive to productive, professional conference calls.

But on occasion, as happened over the weekend, I get a call from my boss to fight some fires after hours. And I found it very cute that Beads, after evaluating the situation, set up her own little desk and chair, crayon holder, and requisite office phone and Blackberry. There we sat, conducting important business, together.  For about a half hour.

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