Business Address?

To Address or not to Address? That is the question.

I, like most employees, have business cards that list an address. For a home officer, the decision on what address to print, however, is a challenging one. My corporate office is located on the opposite coast, but I don't feel entirely comfortable handing out my home address. So, my business card hand-offs always require an explanation.

"Oh, you're based in the Northeast!"

"Well, no, actually I'm on the West Coast. Our corporate office is based in the Northeast."

And then a series of questions ensues, with the person trying to understand the arrangement and decide if they believe I'm actually legit.

To make matters worse, I NEVER win local restaurant drawings (you know, where they have the box in front of the register saying, "Drop in your business card for a chance at a free lunch!"), because I guarantee that if they ever pull my card and look at the address, the card goes in the trash because they believe I'm not local. Blargh!

The upside, however, is that I can avoid random and strange packages arriving on my doorstep. For example, last week our Executive Assistant sent me an IM:

EA: "Are u expecting package?"

Me: "No. Who from?"

EA: "John Smith"

Me: "???"

Me: "Feel free to open."

And then this is the photo the office sent me:

No idea.

Don't know who John Smith is, don't know what entrata is. Glad this didn't show up at my door. The pros of the business address definitely outweigh the cons.

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