Food Plan Friday - An Introduction

I've been a fan of food planning for quite some time. A couple of years ago I compared our grocery store spending with and without a meal plan, and by meal planning we cut our grocery bill in half.  I wasn't expecting it to be that significant, but there it was. It also saves a lot of time each night because I'm not trying to figure out what to have for dinner at the last minute.  Having a meal plan allows me to do a little prep work during my lunch break. On a good day, I might be able to chop all the fruits/vegetables I will need for that night's recipe.

My greatest dilemma has been, however, to figure out the most efficient way to plan a menu and create the grocery list. There are interesting apps out there and numerous worksheets of every variety, but for the moment, I'm using 2 refrigerator lists I bought from Anthropologie:


What To Eat notepad

All Out Of note pad

My goal: to institute Food Plan Fridays where I plan the upcoming week's meals and the associated grocery list. I aim to post my plan each week in the hope that I may be able to help someone out there cross off something on their to-do list.  Be warned - we eat a fairly low-carb diet, so there will be a noticeable absence of pasta, breads, potatoes and rice.

Day 1: Turkey Suiza Casserole and Corn on the Cob

Day 2: Pork and Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry and Quinoa

Day 3: London Broil with Soy Citrus Marinade and Root Vegetable Mash

Day 4: Chicken and Vinegar and Roasted Squash

Day 5: Carne Asada Taco Bar and Corn Salad

Day 6 Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs and Green Salad

Day 7 - Leftovers or Eat Out

While this week I didn't quite manage to post the grocery list here, at least I got a meal plan that may introduce some fun new recipes to you.  Will be tweaking this process as the weeks progress.

Bon appetit!

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