Home Office Attire

When I first started working from home, I was of the mindset that I would just dive into work in the morning and then shower and put myself together as the workload ebbed and flowed throughout the day.

Rookie mistake.

As with any job, work mostly "flows" and there is rarely an "ebb." So, more often than not, I would end up showering and dressing during my lunch hour, making the actual eating of lunch a very rushed process with no time to get out of the house. (See Midday Mama Mambo).

The beauty of the home office is that you don't need to wear business attire. Shorts and t-shirt are just fine. But what I've learned is that regardless of your office location, you need to get ready for the day. Shower, dress, eat. Unload the dishes from the dishwasher, load it with breakfast dishes.

Then begin your work day.

I've learned that by doing that:
1. I'm more productive.
2. I'm more focused.
3. I can take a real lunch and not worry about wasting time making myself presentable.
4. If a local client or contact requests a last minute meeting, I can say, "Yes."
5. My husband doesn't come home to a smelly, dirty chick.
6. I just feel better about myself.

Set your alarm clock. Get up 30 minutes earlier. Take a shower. Your boss - and your family, in particular - will appreciate it.

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