Ignoring Them Will Make Them Go Away

I work with literally thousands of management level people who want to know the secret to success in their industry. How do they increase profits and decrease customer turnover? As I work for a research company within this specific industry, I know that the #1 answer to that question is: Respond quickly to phone calls and emails. "Quickly" is most often defined by their customers as "same day."

I know this is true of that specific industry. But really, isn't it true for all customers? If I've got a question, don't I really just want an answer right now?

Here's the standard I recommend these managers put into practice:
All calls and emails received by 3 p.m. need a same day response. Anything that comes in after 3 p.m. needs a response no later than 10 a.m. the next morning.

The funny thing is that executive management, when they hear this recommendation, take this and run with it. They require their managers to put this in place at each location. And then I ask that executive, "So, how are you, personally, doing with the new standard?"


Don't we all love new initiatives when they apply to everyone else?

Make life easier for you, your co-workers, and your customers. Return that call. Respond to that email. Today. (And that includes you, Mr. Senior Vice President)

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