It's All In the Numbers

It happens every week. I listen to a voice mail, and as I listen I’m jotting down the caller’s name (if I can understand it), company (if they mention it), and phone number (if I can decipher it). I am often amazed at how frequently I am unable to understand or decipher any or all of these components in the message! The greatest challenge, though, is the return phone number. Most people wait until the end of the message to state the number. Most of those people also only say the number once. And a great many people say the numbers so quickly, it’s impossible to write them down. And so I’ve got to listen to the message again and hope I can figure it out.  It begins to feel like a Sudoku number puzzle. The comedian, Kevin James, does a great bit on this issue that sums it up perfectly.

Let's improve the world together. To ensure the greatest likelihood to receive a returned call, state your name slowly and clearly, tell who you are and what company you're with, enunciate each number in your phone number, give the reason of your call very briefly, and then state your name and number once more. Name and number at the beginning, name and number at the end.

Name and number at the beginning.  Name and number at the end.

The thing is, if you make it easy for people to return your phone call, more often than not, you’ll hear back from them quickly. At least, you'll hear back from me more quickly.

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