Mama Said There'd be Days Like This

Woke up late. Beads not interested in getting dressed, nor going to school. She is infinitely more interested in practicing cartwheels exactly where I am standing with the baby. The man of the house had to leave early, so there is no extra set of hands or voice of threats available. At least Bunny is her usual smiley self, though she's so content I literally forgot to feed her until I only had 15 minutes to get out the door and on the way to daycare. And I had to warn Edward, if he whines by the door one more time, I may have to beat him with my shoe. That was a joke, PETA. (After this morning's mayhem, why tempt fate?)

But what can you do? It's one morning. It's some hours of feeling insane. I know I'm not alone in having these days. Am I looking forward to the end of the day when I can pour myself a glass of wine after the girls are in bed? Sure! Will it solve anything? Absolutely not. But I can enjoy the process for a minute. Whether you work from home or not, the working parent just has to laugh sometimes.

I like Tom Papa's reality check for the adult world.  Go on. Have a laugh. Monday will be better. I'll remember to set my alarm, for one thing.

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