Return From Maternity Leave

My first day back 'in the office,' and where to even begin? When it rains, it pours, so because it's my first day back at work and Bunny's first day at daycare, of course the man of the house is on a week-long business trip. Here's my facebook post from this morning:

To top it all off, Bunny has decided (as of 2 weeks ago) that she no longer approves of bottles. This is an issue, as I will not be on hand to feed her whilst working. So, although the morning started way too early and was complete mayhem, I was not bothered by any of it. Because I was completely obsessed with whether or not my baby was going to starve on Day 1 of daycare!!!

Fortunately, Beads was on her best behavior this morning (other than the dress meltdown, which, if I think about it, was a little bit my fault) and she couldn't wait to have her sister "at school" with her.

Drop off was successful, no tears from any party, and by the time I got home, the dog was no longer puking.

Back in time for my staff meeting conference call, I listened and tried not to fixate on the bottle issue. It was difficult, however, because the new fixture on my office desk was staring me down and not letting me forget.

The breast pump. A necessary evil for all nursing, working moms. I admire women who do this at their workplaces. The process is neither comforable nor discreet. This little machine sounds like a record player that is perpetually skipping, so there is no mistaking what is going on. Then attaching it to the milk source is anything but graceful or attractive. It is a process I can barely stand my spouse to witness, much less a co-worker! 

This is a huge benefit of working from home. There's no one but the dog to witness my compromised position. I have a friend who, when returning to her office after maternity leave, was given a key to a storage closet as her pumping oasis. Perched on a step stool, defenseless as she held the two suction cups to her body, hoping to heaven none of the other 3 key holders would enter, she pumped away for about 2 months. I think there was even a system of tying a ribbon on the outer door knob as a signal of occupation. But really, what's a pumping girl to do? The 'pump room' is not an amenity most office buildings offer.

Well the good news is that I survived Day 1 back at work, though when I called the daycare at 10:30, Bunny had not yet agreed to bottle service. When I picked her up at noon, she was still not giving in, so I decided it was time to pick my battle, and this was it. Once home, she and I fought for about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of crying (on both sides), praying, begging and wrestling, she gave in. Well, 45 minutes for me. It had been a 4 hour fight for her. The important thing: Mom won.

So, I've returned to the work force, back to my new reality: a business travelling husband, 2 kids in daycare, and a puking dog, though I hope that reality will be short-lived (the puking, not the dog). Today was not easy, and it's far from over. I still have to pick up Beads at the usual time and survive dinner, bath time and bed time. However, if I can survive today, I can survive anything.

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