A Life in Calendars

I buy the same desk calendar every year. It started sometime in college and I just got used to it and never could change. One employer tried to convert me to the Franklin Covey organizer. I kept going back to this one. It's kind of like having a journal - looking back to see who I was meeting with, where I was travelling, where I've spoken, and so on.

These days, however, my desk calendar has turned into a tool for distracting Beads while I'm trying to finish an email.

But then there's the Outlook calendar. With the introduction of Smartphones, iPhones, etc., life has become easier because of the ability to sync my Outlook calendar with my phone so I always know where I'm going. The increasingly disturbing challenge has been the synching of my calendar with the Man of the House's calendar. He travels for work. A lot. And so do I, though not as often. With the introduction of children in our lives, it has become more necessary to sync our calendars so that at least one of us is home to take care of them.

I don't know whether to call it an "A-ha!" moment or a "Duh!" moment, but in the past couple of months it occurred to us that we could send each other meeting requests through our Outlook calendars to alert each other to upcoming work travel, conferences, client dinners and even weekend activities.

For so many of us, work, home and play are so intertwined that our tools need to be multifunctional. We don't need a separate family calendar! We just need family information to be accessible on our work calendar. A-ha! (Duh!)

But I'm still buying my desk calendar.

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