To Fax or Not to Fax? No Question

As a telecommuter, and even as a regular corporate cube dweller, there are virually no pieces of office equipment that cause an actual physical reaction in me save the fax machine.

The noise it emits. The requisite cover sheets. The fax spamming (I HATE fax spammers!) What irritates me even more is trying to call someone, only to realize I'm calling their fax number. That noise! That chirpy, AOL dial-up noise!  Receiving a fax is almost never time-saving. It typically requires additional work, because now even though you have the information in your hand, it is not in a format you can use. And thus, you must sit at your computer and enter the information from that piece of fax paper (remember actual fax paper???) into your Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, etc.

When I left the corporate office, I left the fax machine behind. In this modern era of scanning and email capabilities, to the fax machine, I say, "No."

On a very few occasions, I have been asked to just "fax over" some piece of information. On a few more occasions, some office worker has asked, "What's your fax number? I'll just fax it over!" In all but one instance, when I asked if the information could be transmitted via email, the answer was "yes."

My office essentials? Phone, laptop computer, printer/scanner, and a door. To faxes, I just say no.

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