Home Office Equipment - The Basics

I have office envy. My guilty pleasure is doing searches on Pinterest or HGTV for home office decor ideas.

This would be nice.

But the bottom line is that my home office will probably never look anything like what I see on these websites, and that's just fine. There are many, many things I can live without. But there are few things I can not:

1. The internet
Let's face it. We live and die by our ability to log in. Find a reliable provider and ensure they provide secure Wi-Fi for your home.

2. A laptop computer
I won't even dip my toe into the debate of Mac vs. PC. and depending on your work travel schedule, the debate probably needs to be more about lap top vs. tablet. I have both, but honestly, the laptop is what I use 95% of the time whether at home or on the road. We bought a new desk top computer a couple of years ago, thinking we'd keep our personal docs, photos, etc. on it. I think we log into it every 6 - 8 months and have to REALLY think hard to remember our password every time.

3. A phone
A lot of Home Officers rely on their Smartphone, but because I conduct a lot of consulting or training calls or webinars, I prefer a land line. For years I used Vonage, which is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and found them to be incredibly reliable with great customer support when needed. Unlimited calls for a low price = happy me. However, when we moved and had to choose a new cable and internet provider, the bundling option to include a land line with unlimited calls was even more attractive, so we went that route. I value having a crystal clear connection for my client interactions, and frankly, cell service still isn't as reliable as I need it to be.

4. Smartphone
Because, let's get real. Who can survive without their cell phone these days?

5. Printer/scanner
More for the scanning than the printing. I rarely need to print things these days, but my ability to scan and email is critical for many reasons. Signing, scanning and emailing contracts, expense reports, photos, whatever. I use this in lieu of a fax. (See my opinion on the uselessness of faxes here.)

6. A door
For my first couple of years as a Home Officer with my own consulting business, my office was in our second floor open loft. During some of that time, the Man of the House was looking for a new job and caring for baby Beads. A screeching baby does not a professional conference call make. So, I spent many hours crouching in our walk in closet, with the closet door and our bedroom door closed, a finger in one ear, balancing a phone against the other ear as I was conducting a webinar through my laptop, hoping to high heaven my battery would last. You need a door. You really need a door.

All the other things are icing on the cake. The comfortable Aero Chair, the sleek shelves, the colorful and playful boxes and bins, the whimsical chandelier, the chaise lounge, the incredible view...


A door. I have a door! And it closes.

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