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The company I work for is based out of Baltimore. I'm in California. My counterpart is in Atlanta. We have sales teams in Chicago, Dallas, D.C. and Atlanta, with potential new team members in Seattle/Portland and Denver.  There's an almost daily need for me and my education team to look up info on a client. In the past, I would typically have to contact our sales point of contact and ask them to email me the info, as for some reason I could rarely access the company server.
Our VP of Operations experimented with a few solutions and finally landed on Dropbox. If you're not familiar with Dropbox, you either will be soon or you should be. Dropbox allows you to share files, photos, videos, etc. between devices. If I have a Dropbox account and I save a report to my desktop computer and then realize I didn't save it to my jump drive before leaving for that meeting 2 states over, it's OK because I can log in through my laptop and retrieve the report. If 4 of us need to unexpectedly access a common presentation at a conference, someone at the corporate office can send each of us that file or link and we can all access it. There's all kinds of scenarios, but the bottom line is that with Dropbox, if you have an account and you have an internet connection, you can access any of your Dropbox files from any device at any time (even mobile devices!). You can take a Dropbox Tour Here.

Things I Appreciate About Dropbox
- I can save to the file that is set up on my computer and know that it is not only on my computer but also "on the cloud" meaning I could log in from anywhere and access that file. No more saving a file to my computer and then also saving the same file to a server. (Which means no longer having to update versions of documents in multiple places!)
- You can look up previous versions of a document. So, if you re-wrote your boss's report because he was going down a "crazy path" with information, and then find out later there was a REALLY IMPORTANT REASON he went down that particular path, you can retrieve his original draft. (Not that I've ever needed to...)
- You can provide access to a specific file or folder to anyone you want while still maintaining protection on all other Dropbox data. So, you can truly collaborate with a client (or friend or spouse) on your own time without emailing zillions of edits and notes and drafts back and forth.
- There are levels of service from FREE to Pro to Team levels.

There are some more reasons, but these are the main ones that come to mind. This has been a huge asset when it comes to internal communication as a telecommuter. It's easy to access shared files and not have to request things from other team members.

Be sure to check it out!

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