Techie Time - Piktochart

Once in a while, it's valuabe to escape my little cave and interact with other like-minded professionals in my industry. Last week, I attended one of the biggest and most notorious conferences in my industry and my brain feels like it's going to explode with the ideas that came out of it.

This is a good thing.

It was also a good wake up call that I need to be proactive on the tech side of life. There are all kinds of tools, resources, apps (to use a little lingo), and whatnot that will actually make me better at my job. Quel concept!

With my newfound zeal, I played around with one of the new tools that seems to be supporting something that we're all seeing everywhere: infographics. These are stylized graphics that tell a story, explain a concept, give a timeline, etc, in an engaging, visual way. This is how pictures are worth more than a thousand words. More like a million.

Here was my initial result:
While it's not mind-blowing, it certainly opens up ideas for how I conduct training, article-writing, blogging, and more. And the best part, I created this using the FREE version of Piktochart.
I was pleasantly surprised at how user friendly Piktochart is. The free version is very limited, but gives enough options to enable you to still do some pretty cool stuff. 

Steps I took to create my test run infographic:
1. Choose catchy title that might appeal to my target group
2. Identify a few stats or quotes to create the "burning platform" of why they need this info
3. Smash a common myth around the topic
4. Identify the steps the viewer might take to improve on the topic

I laid all this all out with pen and paper to get my thoughts together first. Then I registered for my free account, downloaded my choice of free templates, and started filling in my info.

Think about how you might use this for your company or clients. A process chart of the steps to submits requests; the visual history of your organization or current project; the decision tree of a policy or procedure; new marketing ideas to show off to a client. The sky is the limit.

I feel so hip. Where are my black, horn-rimmed glasses?

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