The Key to Home Office Sanity i.e. Leave the Cave

As we home officers know, there are so many advantages to working from home. For one, you're always home, so the issues of scheduling the cable guy, the plumber, signing for that critical package - no problem!

On the other hand, you're always home.

It can become way too easy to become a hermit, and so I, like many others who work from home, have made a commitment to leave the house for an hour at least 3 workdays a week.

Stumped on ideas of what to do?
- Join a local gym and do a 30-minute workout
- Schedule lunch with a friend or neighbor
- Take the dog for a walk
- Get that oil change - finally!
- Run that errand you've been putting off forever
- Pick up the birthday gift(s) for any upcoming birthday parties
- Do your weekly grocery run (remember to make a list! Or even a meal plan!)
- Go to the local park and read on a park bench for awhile
- Indulge in a hobby: visit that craft store/tea room/art gallery/bookstore/Apple store/arcade - whatever
- Etc.

What hour-long escapes work for you?

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