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5 Ways to Keep Email from Becoming Your Job

“What in the world did we do before email?” I have often heard people wonder aloud. 
Well, we worked. I had one office job prior to the introduction of email as a business necessity. I worked in my sister-in-law’s dental office as the receptionist. I answered phones, I answered patient questions, I researched insurance coverage, I filled out and mailed insurance forms. As I took on more responsibility, I paid bills, sent out statements, built annual plans, forecasted financials and met with vendors. All without the distraction of email.
While email is now a critical aspect of business communication and has increased productivity in some aspects (we can get information more quickly), it has decreased productivity in other ways. As more and more emails pile up and require acknowledgement or response, less and less time is available to put toward our actual day-to-day responsibilities.
Look at your job description. Just as the most prominent and highest volume ingredients are listed first …

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